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22 December 2014

The Tradition of “Menu dei Motori” Continues … and Now We Are Exactly in the Finishing Straight for the Twentieth Anniversary (2016) ...

Here we are again to summarise and comment the facts of this year (2014), which will be with us for the whole year (2015) in this second special issue mainly dedicated to Maserati Centenary celebrations.
Maserati is still the company that makes the headlines, beyond the necessary official celebrations dedicated to its Centenary. In reality, the near future of Maserati and the entire FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) Group becomes really interesting for Modena and its automotive industries.
The present situation is first described by the CEO of Maserati and Alfa Romeo, Mr. H. Harald Wester, describing in detail the business plan, and by Maserati Product Development Director, Mr. Roberto Corradi, who introduces himself and makes us understand the real turning points of Maserati up to the current success from the engineering and management standpoints.
Between the lines of the two interviews (and not only), it is possible to see the future technological centre that is being established in Modena, with the cooperation of course of all linked artisans, consultants, and specialised companies, and especially the University of Modena, in particular its Vehicle Engineering Master Department, which has been involved for years with Ferrari, in research and development of new concepts.
The picture of Maserati is completed by the report of the Centenary celebrations and the new models and concepts, as well as by an in-depth analysis by Mr. Antonio Cesaretti who, as the former Project Leader of one of the “crucial” models in the turning point of Maserati, i.e. the Quattroporte V (2003), the first true Maserati designed in full synergy with its cousin Ferrari, tells us a number of interesting background stories on the birth of the project.

Finally, very interesting because it is often overlooked, Mr. Alfieri Maserati, Ernesto's son, the youngest of the Maserati brothers, tells us now about the second part of the human and industrial history of the founding brothers when, after World War 2, after having sold Maserati to the Orsi family, returned to Bologna and founded OSCA.
As is now tradition of the last few years, “Menu dei Motori” now more than ever is also focusing on the events related to Alfa Romeo which has also returned to Modena, at least for design and development, and the construction of special models, in limited series, such as the 4C, as in the days of the legendary Scuderia Ferrari in Viale Trento e Trieste (in fact famous models such as “Bimotore” or Alfetta 158, which won the first two F1 world championships – in 1950 and 1951 – were both designed and built in Modena, by the team of Enzo Ferrari’s engineers…)!
Certainly, we could not overlook Ferrari, which has gone through a very special year and a true internal revolution, with the change of Presidency from Mr. Montezemolo, who left his position after 23 years (a lifetime) to Mr. Marchionne. In addition to being the most famous and respected brand in the world, Ferrari is also a symbol of Modena, which continues to get through sales records. Also, above all, and not surprisingly, Mr. Marchionne strongly wanted to be the President of Ferrari, as it is the real “gem” that gives prestige to the whole FCA firmament!
However, Modena is not only FCA, and, in fact, we receive interesting news from Pagani on the new corporate, sales, and product organisation.
Finally, Lamborghini is always vital and dynamic: on one side, with its interesting new products and concept cars, and on the other, with an ever deeper and more accurate appreciation of the past with celebrations the of one-hundred-year anniversary from the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini (2016)...


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