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12 September 2007


CR600L – Great, attractive, always with style. INTERCAR begins the experience of building limousines thanks to the Chrysler 300C sedan sold on Italian market. It’s styling philosophy reflects a typical American taste, with important dimensions and a peculiar relationship between all the volumes, which suggests toughness and character. This typical way of modelling bodyworks is barely different from the traditional italian attitude, which generally aims the right balance of proportions, even about estreme sports cars. Chrysler 300C fulfills people who look for something different, new and a stron personality.
The long, extremely luxurious limousines are normally joined to the richest persons in North America; even if limousines have become an ordinary product for many factories worldwide, the popular way of thinking say that “limousine” equals “USA”.
INTERCAR has thought about a new way of conceiving such vehicles, by always considering the several space limits of italian and european roads, even considering all the possibile ways of using a limousine, especially the situations in which a car like this could bring an additional value.
300C catches attention for several reasons: the nose, of corse, high and large, highlighted by the great silver grill, each side is well marked by a full-length strong bend which points out the relevant body surfaces, as a consequence of which we see low window glasses; almost total lack of curved links between lines, another way of strengthening the impression of strong construction; the long arches for wheel housing, completely filled by the big wheels, inside which the alloy sharp-edged spokes shine.

The important height between the bottom and the windows suggests the idea that increasing the wheelbase of the 300C would bring to a better proportioned limousine then any other else, so the front section would appear strongly connected to tail. The styling is already good for an attractive car, so INTERCAR decided to modify only the front mask, by drawing a higher silver frame, which embodies the license plate support and the bottom air intakes.

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