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02 March 2011

[Pianeta Modena]81st Geneva International Motor Show - NEW DE TOMASO DEAUVILLE

5080 MM / 200 IN.
1950 MM / 76.77 IN.
1630 MM / 64.2 IN.
2950 MM / 116.1 IN.
1655 MM / 65.2 IN.

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10 November 2010

[Pianeta Modena]AUTOFFICINA TRALLI FRANCO - A point of reference with customers of MASERATI HISTORIC

His over 40 years of experience on Maserati mechanics has made Franco Tralli a point of reference with customers of this prestigious car maker. He specializes in all types of Maserati repair and restoration, starting with autos from the 1950s up to the present day, including one-seaters and sports- and racing cars. Franco Tralli works on engines, gear boxes, differentials, brake systems and suspensions-in short, anything mechanical.

Via Boito, 1/c
41030 Bomporto (MO) Italy
Phone/Fax +39.059.909246

13 May 2009

[Pianeta Modena]De Tomaso fans are found in Modena, at the 50th

Modena 22 - 24 may 2009

on the 50th anniversary of the founding of De Tomaso (1959-2009), members of the Swedish Club will meet in Modena for a memorable three days. Are there some fifty cars of various models De Tomaso (mostly Pantera), the program of this meeting:
May 22, Friday
We want to invite all participants with a great welcome to the 50years celebration of DeTomaso as a company.
After check-in at your hotel, you will become retrieved with bus before the dinner approximately 18,00.

We will have a big dinner with all participants at Le Cardinal where our celebration begins with other participants that arrives to the DeTomaso meeting.
Le Cardinal will invite on an impressing menu during the evening with beginning approximately 19,00.

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04 November 2008


Fortified by almost 30-years experience and a numerous skilled staff (170 specialized workers), "Carrozzeria Nuova GM" deals with prototypes, repair and restoration of bodywork and insides. Established in 1980, by two present partners, Giuliano Polacchini and Mario Pinca, “Carrozzeria Nuova GM” has been working since 1984 in Camposanto sul Panaro (Modena), offering its precious collaboration to the best car and motorcycle houses of “Pianeta Modena”: Ferrari, Maserati, AlfaRomeo, Lamborghini and Ducati, and to its customers as well.

In particular, thanks to their specialization, the staff mainly solve all the problems concerning the assemblage and setting up of the first prototypes of vehicles produced ... including the inevitable suitable adjustments, that “Nuova GM” has always solved brilliantly, thanks to its professionalism.

For more informations:
Via dell’Artigianato, 6/8 - 41031 Camposanto (MO) - Italy
Phone +39.0535.88090 - Fax +39.0535.88092

02 October 2008


The proprietor Gianni Sala started following racing cars while working for a team in the rally championship. Afterwards, he moved on to Lamborghini Engineering and particularly into the Modena Team, headed by Mr. Mauro Forghieri (Eng.), at the time of their participation in the Formula 1 World Championship with the “Lambo.” After this experience (lasting just the two year. Immediately afterwards, he moved on to “Team Motor,” which was already taking part in the Ferrari Challenge, directly following Beppe Schenetti’s F.355 that, in 1999, ended the championship in second place.

His competition experience, twenty-five years by now, has also passed through direct collaboration with the Manager of the Stanguellini racing department, where he obviously learnt many of the “tricks” of the trade. For about 8 years now, Gianni Sala has been working on his own, opening his first workshop at Carpi and for three years (2000/2001/2002) following the Daytona Team in the Ferrari Challenge, to then move to his current headquarters at Rubiera (Reggio Emilia), a stone’s throw from the province of Modena.

For more informations:
Via Guareschi, 17
42100 Bagno (RE) Italy
Phone/Fax +39.0522.343102
Mobile: +39.329.4452818

28 August 2008

[Pianeta Modena]MODENA MOTORI - ITALY - Very specialists for italian mechanical parts

Where does the culture for Italian engines derive from, for which Modena Motori is by now acknowledged all over the world for over 10 years?
Simple: the two current partners and owners, Luca Amadei, with over 20 years’ experience in the mechanical engineering sector, and Andrea Bernardi, at Modena Motori almost since its very beginning (10 years ago), besides being experts in the sector, they are first and foremost two great fans of Ferrari, Maserati and all our finest Italian motorcars in general.

Enthusiasts of fine mechanics and absorbed in this world, practically forever (they are both still rather young), it is not by chance that they collaborate actively above all with “Ferrari Classiche”: the special department that Ferrari himself wanted, geared to restoring and certifying all the historical cars of the Prancing Horse and by now fully working at Maranello (inside the very company of the Cavallino Rampante) for more than two years.
Their specialization? Obviously the classic Ferrari and Maserati mechanics, with particular experience and predilection for overhauling and restoring all the mechanical parts in general: engines, gearboxes, differentials, suspensions, etc.

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09 June 2007


Taking the name of its two founders, the Lunelli & Tarabusi machine shop opened in Modena in the 1930s.
It was one of the very first auto repair shops in Modena and, at first, specialized solely in engine service. But, virtually unique among the repair shops at that time, Lunelli & Tarabusi already had a range of specialized equipment and systems and, immediately after the war, began to handle conversions and, above all, sports car engines for OSCA, AlfaRomeo, Maserati and Ferrari.
Its 1986 transformation into “Nuova Lunelli” with a number of partner-owners and employees did not change shop business all that much because of its proven international reputation and, above all, because it continued to maintain in operation some of the equipment from its early years.
Alessandro Pollastri, who in 1986 became the director of the new company, not only saw to it that the Lunelli & Tarabusi tradition was maintained, largely thanks to the over-thirty-year experience of its partners, Bergonzini Paolo, Meschiari Daniele, Vaccari Omer e Tonelli Ivano, who had been part of the former shop for nearly two decades, but also a number of specialized pieces of equipment, such as the planetary grinder. This piece of equipment had been among the first in the 1930s shop and is still used to this day because it is absolutely irreplaceable for certain work on period engines.

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24 May 2006


Sunday 7th May 2006
DDC: the first Millona's woman

DDC championship second race: Valter Bartolini, the official NCR's rider, was an justified absent. To defende the NCR Team was present Fabrizio Tinti (Millona One Shot) and the "new entry" Giuliana Teverino.
Exactly during the week end, NCR Corse has delivered the Millona S at its new owner, the first Millona's woman.
For Giuliana it was a very important beginning because immediately she felt good with her Millona and she's placed first in the women's category. Great race for Fabrizio Tinti at is first time in Magione (a technical and not simple circuit); from saturday's free practice he tooks a very intresting time and during the sunday morning's qualyfing practice he gained the second row of the line-up at the 6th place in 1.19,988. During the race he starts very well and he "fight" with the best five riders. He finish his race at the 5th place, closer to the top riders, and he improve ulteriorly his performance.

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07 February 2006


MILLONA is the first NCR’s project since the Poggipolini Group bought this brand historically estabilished in the city of Bologna and linked to the word of Ducati from its beginning. The MILLONA’s project resumes all the aspects of the past years winner bikes, that are lightness, easy to drive, power and a representative, exciting strong character. The Poggipolini Group started just from these aspects that are basic in all race truck bike, adding technology as a very important key factor. High know-how and a more than decennial experience coming from important co-operation with F1, Aerospace, Motorcycling and Automotive have contributed to create the NCR MILLONA as a unique piece. It’s a bike born for competition but manufactured as an art work. Every sample in fact is produced entirely by hand, as customer wants it, highly customized and therefore prestigious. NCR wants to distinguish itself in the motorcycle world and be renowned as “Bike’s Atelier”. For the first in the NCR history MILLONA is created and produced in limited numbers, so to identify an exclusive bike.

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22 October 2005

[Pianeta Modena]Innovation, Design and Technological materials at the service of the Transport sector

In 2005, following the success of the first edition - 627 Exhibitors, a display area of over 8,000 square metres, 7,621 Professional visitors, 1043 Supporters - the show is moving to its ideal location: Modena, cradle of excellence in the international Automotive and Mechanical Industry.
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