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13 March 2008

Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina returns with Sintesi concept car

Three years after Maserati Birdcage 75th, Pininfarina will
be exhibiting another concept car at the 2008 Geneva
Motor Show. It has been called Sintesi, because it is a
synthesis of the company’s many values: an aesthetic
sense capable of creating timeless beauty, research that explores new ideas for the future, the use of technologies that combines form and functionality. Sintesi adopts the
most advanced applications of Transparent Mobility
systems and “Liquid” Packaging, a method that has
enabled our designers to really set their creativity free,
creating new proportions inside and outside the car, and
designing fluid, integrated forms.

“Three years after Birdcage 75th Sintesi is a courageous
exploration of the future of the car”, said Andrea

“Sintesi proposes hypotheses, ideas and forms that go
way beyond what we are able to build today” declared
Design Director Lowie Vermeersch. “It is a 4-seater built
around the passengers to explore the forms that a car
might take on by exploiting the new technologies. A car
that could be very different from the ones that we drive
“Our determination to look to the future is embodied in
Sintesi,” concluded Andrea Pininfarina, “drawing first and
foremost on the excellence of our design.”


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