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17 September 2012

Alfa Romeo at the 2012 Paris International Motor Show

MiTo SBK, also in numbered limited edition
The new Sportiva version and the Collezione pack now complement the Giulietta range
Alfa Romeo is back at the Paris Motor Show with a spectacular stand that brings the
brand's more dynamic and vital spirit to the fore. The exhibition area unfolds like
a winding, dynamic road, the ideal scenario for experiencing the emotion that only
Alfa Romeo cars can offer, thanks to their agility, power and safety. Specifically,
this year the cars on display and the stand itself celebrate the now consolidated
partnership established in 2007 between Alfa Romeo and the "Eni FIM SBK Superbike
World Championship", a winning combination that best conveys Italian motor racing
style and experience around the world.
Four MiTo vehicles parade through this picturesque scenery: a Safety Car version
used in the SBK world championship, two versions that will be launched on the market
in upcoming months that are derived from precisely the MiTo Safety Car - a 170 HP
Superbike Limited Edition of 200 cars and a Turbo TwinAir Superbike Special Series -
and lastly an Exclusive version with Sport Pack. An Aprilia superbike motorcycle
that rider Max Biaggi uses in the SBK championship stands out beside these sporty
interpretations of the model.
More in detail, the public can admire the source of inspiration for the two Special
Series, the Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde 1.4 MultiAir 170 HP which is the "Eni
FIM SBK Superbike World Championship" Official Safety Car. Sporting its exclusive
Rosso Competizione colour, the car took to the track on the warm up laps and before
every race, in addition to the other competitions scheduled on Superbike World
Championship days, such as the Supersport World Championship, FIM Superstock 1000
Cup and Superstock 600 European Championship.
The spotlights are also trained on the Giulietta, which the public can admire with
its refined Collezione pack and exclusive "Sportiva" trim level, inspired by the
legendary Quadrifoglio Verde that has always been the symbol of technical excellence
of Alfa Romeo creations. These are two important product innovations that will
contribute to consolidating the outstanding sales performance the Alfa Romeo
Giulietta has reached up to now: over 165,000 units have been ordered around the
world since its launch in mid-2010 until today.

Lastly, brochures and certain dedicated publications at the stand will be
introducing visitors to the products of FGA Capital, a joint venture of Fiat Group
Automobiles and Crédit Agricole specialised in the automotive segment. The
finance company is operative in all the major European markets, and in France with
FC Finance, with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles
brand vehicles by offering innovative financial products with high added value
services targeted to the dealership network, private customers and companies."
Alfa Romeo and the "SBK Superbike World Championship"
Alfa Romeo and the "Eni FIM SBK Superbike World Championship" are crossing the
finish line of the sixth year in a row of partnership during the current season. The
brand has Top Sponsor and Official Safety Car of the motorcycling championship since
2007, sharing the same values of sportsmanship, technology and safety at the highest
It is a key, high-visibility partnership. The "Eni FIM 2012 SBK Superbike World
Championship" is broadcast by 104 TV stations for a total of nearly 4000 hours on
air throughout the racing season, in addition to a growing public both at the track
(over 1 million participants) and at home (more than 2 billion viewers in 180
countries around the world in 2011).
The Official Safety Car baton passed to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde
in the current 2012 edition of the "Eni FIM SBK Superbike World Championship". The
model is a concentrate of sportiness, efficiency and safety, a car able to fit into
the best Alfa Romeo tradition by accepting its history in terms of dynamic
performance, without making compromises when it comes to efficiency and everyday
Turin, 17th September 2012


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