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06 October 2015

Russian Grand Prix – A low grip track

Not yet time to evaluate our season

Maranello, 6 October –“There’s a special and spectacular ambience to the Grand Prix in Sochi, set within the Olympic Village on the shores of the Black Sea,” explains Alberto Antonini, Scuderia Ferrari Head of Communications to “The same cannot be said for the circuit itself: there’s a fast section that the drivers tackle flat out between turns 3 and 4. The others are quite slow and feature 90 degree corners. Back for this race are the Soft and Super Soft compounds, but despite the fact that, at previous appearances, this choice suited us, we have to tackle Sochi with a great deal of care, because one can expect to encounter very low levels of grip on track. Even though we are approaching the end of the season, it’s not yet time for us to assess what we have done, because that can wait until the championship is over. We have certainly seen positive signs: three wins and, like Mercedes, we have scored points at every race, but we know there is still a lot to do. We continue to work with great determination and we will try to finish the season in the best way possible, for our drivers and also for the fans.”


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