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Menu dei Motori, for nearly 20 years. A Classic of growing success.

The classic number one annual " Menu dei Motori ", it approaches its 20th anniversary.

In the meantime , is preparing to celebrate another EPOCHAL ANNIVERSARY : THE CENTENARY OF THE MASERATI (1914-2014) confirming , once again , its fundamental function within the " Planet Modena ."

All this after having already celebrated many occasions , within the manifold activities of the " Planet Modena " from the 50th Lamborghini (2013), with a special volume exclusively dedicated to Alfa Romeo Centenary (2010). Then again , with the 2008 edition , the world championships of the Ferrari (F1 2007) , Maserati ( FIA GT 2007) and Ducati ( Moto GP 2007) , preceded by the volume dedicated to the 60th Ferrari (2007 ), while a year before (2006) , he then cut itself , its first major milestone , tied to his 10th birthday candle with a special double issue (2005-2006) , dedicated to the important birthday .

Even before the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Maserati (2004 ), the only document officially dedicated to the event. Not surprisingly, the Menu of Engines, referred to below can read a brief history and the characteristics of the volumes arrears, is now distributed throughout the world , via the major Clubs brand , including the LAMBORGHINI CLUB ITALY and MASERATI CLUB oF JAPAN , which this year also added the MASERATI CLUB UK and the LAMBORGHINI CLUB FRANCE , reflecting the growing international success of the Menu dei Motori the same and it is obviously also distributed by bookstores, specialty shops and bookstores , first among all the now historic SHOPPING FORMULA 1 in Maranello , being able to also make use of the direct collaboration of the famous Italian monthly historical Ruoteclassiche drive (which has repeatedly distributed a summary demonstration to its subscribers around the world) and the Libreria dell’Automobile, which owns much of very exsclusive distribution of volumes .

The series of yearbooks of the classic " Menu dei Motori " in 2013 has been enriched by a further chapter , strictly limited edition (only 1000 copies , hand-numbered ) , DEDICATED EXCLUSIVELY TO THE 50th OF CARS LAMBORGHINI . One volume, essentially photo , with pictures, photos, drawings, sketches and render, for the most part never seen before , which describes a " story within a story " : in practice , instead of the typical sequence of models in production and business vicissitudes , this very exclusive volume , describes the history of all those models , designs , unique or "concept " as to say today , who have never had the honor of series production but , very often , were the basis or inspiration , of models of success that everyone knows. In the "classic" version bilingual Italian / English, large format ( 24x30 ), which includes only the historical period of the first 25 years ( 1963-1988 ) , was then added international edition , published in Japan ( by NEKO PUBLISHING ) with texts in English / Japanese and understand the entire period of 50 years Lamborghini (1963-2013 ) , in this case with wider circulation , available to fans around the world.
This " internationalization " of " Menu dei Motori " , is a crucial step in the history of what, for 20 years , is the true spokesman of the values of Italy in the automotive field in the world : it is the beginning of a collaboration , with one of the largest publishers in the Asian continent , with commercial possibilities , not only in Japan but also in the U.S. and EU .
Another great achievement happily joined by " Menu dei Motori " , waiting for the official celebrations , the big moment of the 20th Anniversary of the same " Menu dei Motori " .

At the same time , the site " Menu dei Motori " , has finally decided to open their own online sales section where you can request books:

Since the mythical Scuderia Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, had always celebrated any event, victories, contracts, etc. with dinners filled with dedicated engine menu. Ferruccio Lamborghini used to do the same, i.e. on the Twentieth anniversary of the Miura. It is normal that this particular tradition, typical of the "Modena Planet" continues today through the "Menu dei Motori" magazine with the support of all the car makers involved (Ferrari, Maserati, AlfaRomeo, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati) that assist in the distribution in Italy.
This extraordinary magazine started thanks to the passionate work of Lauro Malavolti: he was Enzo Ferrari personal waiter, and he then became the preferred restaurateur of Ferruccio Lamborghini, Alejandro De Tomaso, Sergio Scaglietti, Franco Gozzi, etc.