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26 March 2015

Sepang: heat and humidity the first adversary

Maranello, 26 March –The Malaysian weather is one of the most talked about topics over the race weekend, because the challenges that have to be met, both mechanical and physical are definitely demanding. “As far as the power unit is concerned, Sepang would be considered a medium difficulty track, but the high temperatures and especially the level of humidity means that cooling of the various components is a critical factor,” Lorenzo Sassi, Chief Designer Power Unit, told “Fortunately, the turbo, unlike the normally aspirated engine, can compensate for the adverse atmospheric conditions, such as the fact the air is less dense, so that there is no negative impact on performance.” No less important is the effect of Malaysia’s tropical climate on the driver, who races, wedged in a narrow cockpit, wearing a helmet and fireproof suit. These items mean he has to put up with even higher temperatures while driving. In a race like the one in Sepang, a driver can end up losing as much as four litres of liquid, which can only be partly replaced with the solution of water and mineral salts carried in the car, essential for a driver to remain lucid and to maintain the necessary level of concentration to get to the end of the race.


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